Thai Food – An Introduction

Thai Green Chicken Curry one of Thailand's iconic dishes worldwide

Thai Green Chicken Curry one of Thailand's iconic dishes worldwid

Over the last few years, Thai food has emerged from complete obscurity into the mainstream of western culture, fast becoming on of the most popular cuisine types.

This popularity has been jumped upon by all the major food manufacturers bringing out Thai flavoured versions of some of their products.  including a collection of various cook in sauces which more than not provide a pour, bland impersonation of a great tasting Thai dish.

Looking for the authentic taste of Thai Food

this is quite simple you have three main choices:-

  1. Book a holiday (vacation for our US friends) to Thailand, but in order to experience the real country and it’s love of  food you need to get out of the hotel, explore for yourself and eat at restaurant or cafés in the surround area, and I don’t mean Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King or KFC! You won’t regret it I can assure you.
  2. You could seek out local Thai restaurant, and sample some of the delights from their menu.  Even if you have you favourite dishes try at least one new dish on each visit.  Thai people are generally amongst the most laid back nationality on the plant, and Thai chefs are no exception to this, and usually eager to please so quite often they will modify the strength or spiciness of a disk, to suit what they think the local palette will enjoy, so if you enjoy your food with a bit ‘more of a kick’ just let your waiter or waitress know and the chef will almost always try to accommodate your wishes.
  3. Finally you can find authentic Thai ingredients, and a good source of Thai recipes and learn how to prepare, cook and serve your own Thai dishes for all your family to enjoy.

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